Chase the FOX

Phase 2: Learning about AWE
discovering the true horror of Seed AI

After talking to Rokuzawa ChiKyoshi Katsurou’s true ego – Firewall Team 2 discovered that the leader of the Rada Nanchon, Lam Cong Dong, may have acquired the mind-altered x-threat AWE. Later, Amaru Timoti confirmed that that AWE was responsible for instilling unshakable loyalty within a dozen Nine Lives slaves. There was some concern that another Nanchon leader, Bertrand Theo has been enslaved by AWE.

41982 pulled some strings and got a jack printed as well as another ecto for PALADIN to operate. The team then reported into Pyrrhos to get updated instructions.

After interrogating a stack given to them by Timoti, the team realised the full extent of what AWE is able to do – completely subvert someone’s will and cause them mental pain whenever they were not obeying tasks. The horror of this caused PALADIN to switch off the entity known as Nosh to stop their pain.

41982 broke into the Bullock with the help of PALADIN, and together they captured and interrogated Omri Melech, discovering that the turn-coat hacker has an ego named Nibedita Nath on a kill-switch ghostrider module. He had agreed to give Nath up in return for his freedom, and apparently desired nothing more than to get off Legba as fast as possible.

With Álvaro needing to attend drinks with a few Nine Lives thugs, and the spare ecto half-way printed, the team still has a long way to go to deal with this x-threat, yet more of the puzzle pieces fell together.

Phase 2: Introduction to Legba
entering a Nine Lives fortification

Firewall Team 2 ego-cast to Ceres in order to get in touch with a Firewall agent known as Pyrrhos. They sleeved into new morphs on arrival and were issued temporary equipment and told to relax for two days.
When Pyrrhos got in contact with the team, he told them that Nine Lives had a base set on a C-class asteroid named Legba. They were to investigate information regarding a psychosurgery x-threat reported by Firewall agent Amaru Timoti. The mission briefing was:

  1. Take the shuttle Dasmós to Legba
  2. Find and debrief Amaru
  3. Figure out what Nine Lives has
  4. Destroy whatever the x-threat is
  5. Evacuate Legba

In order to help exfiltrate the team, Pyrrhos had set up a group of Ultimates mercenaries to arrive and tow their shuttle away from Legba upon mission completion.

On arrival, Álvaro assumed the identity of a low-level Nine Lives gangster named J. J. and infiltrated Legba with 41982 as her personal Ultimates technician and PALADIN on silent mode.
They were introduced to Kyoshi Katsurou – a mysterious entity who desperately wanted to show Álvaro some scientific breakthroughs, and Omri Melech – a recent convert to Nine Lives who wanted to hire 41982 in defending the Bullock. They also discovered information about Roland Nazon, the man who took over Legba in AF 2.

Second Skin
Prelude: Saving the Factor
the second team joins Firewall and stops an x-threat

Firewall Team 2 managed to save a Factor from being destroyed by the insane Don Moreau. In the process, Casey Briggs lost her main splicer morph after being shot by Álvaro.

More information was gleaned on Project GOR and the team joined Firewall officially. Candyman was discovered as a major player in the research trades between Don Moreau and the Planetary Consortium.

Name RP Rep Credits
Paladin 4 1-@, 3-R 0
Álvaro 4 2-@, 1-C, 1-I 0
41982 4 1-C, 3-I 0
Prelude: Don Moreau, the Silver Chain, and GOR
introduction to 41982, PALADIN, and Álvaro

Pre-Firewall, Firewall Team 2 had been on Danada Research Facility working for Don Moreau for quite a while now.

41982 had been chief maintenance for a while, brought onto the station after his indentured service ended. He was primarily in charge of taking care the repairs of ships that docked with the research station.
PALADIN had been a researcher on Project Legacy, though also conducting corporate espionage and passing all research information off to the mesh.
Álvaro worked as head of security and performed the right vetting procedures for new staff and visitors to the station.

Everything was normal until PALADIN intercepted a message regarding Project Legacy from Don Moreau to a Planetary Consortium entity named Candyman. Casey Briggs arrived at the research facility shortly afterwards with her ship in need of serious repairs. The Golden Fleece was worked on by 41982 while Casey contacted PALADIN.

Here, PALADIN discovered information about Project Silver Chain and Project GOR, two dark research projects that have not been heard of yet… while Álvaro noticed a vacsuit leaving the Golden Fleece on its own apparent propulsion.

Prelude: Mind the WMDs
introduction to the Prime Team

Firewall Team Alpha arrived on the Ecstatic Metamorphosis and were instructed to find a weapon dealer that was looking to sell a TITAN relic.
On finding the dealer, they identified her as Gray Xu – a notorious Night Cartel weapons broker. Firewall Team Alpha posed as buyers and identified the weapon as a TITAN nanoswarm device.
The Planetary Consortium interrupted the buy attempt and it resulted in the nanoswarm being released on Xu’s ship, the Annora Arabella. Gavin was killed at this point but the rest of the team managed to get out of the ship before one of the Ecstatic Metamorphosis’ escort ships destroyed the infected vessel.

Firewall egocasted the team to the city of Elysium, on Mars after discovering the location where Xu had found the TITAN weapons. The team traveled to Ebb 6 to find Night Cartel looters and a large TITAN cache of weapons, but unfortunately the Planetary Consortium interfered again and the team were forced to set off an antimatter bomb that obliterated the ruined habitat, the cache, and the rest of the Planetary Consortium grunts.


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