Chase the FOX

Phase 2: Introduction to Legba

entering a Nine Lives fortification

Firewall Team 2 ego-cast to Ceres in order to get in touch with a Firewall agent known as Pyrrhos. They sleeved into new morphs on arrival and were issued temporary equipment and told to relax for two days.
When Pyrrhos got in contact with the team, he told them that Nine Lives had a base set on a C-class asteroid named Legba. They were to investigate information regarding a psychosurgery x-threat reported by Firewall agent Amaru Timoti. The mission briefing was:

  1. Take the shuttle Dasmós to Legba
  2. Find and debrief Amaru
  3. Figure out what Nine Lives has
  4. Destroy whatever the x-threat is
  5. Evacuate Legba

In order to help exfiltrate the team, Pyrrhos had set up a group of Ultimates mercenaries to arrive and tow their shuttle away from Legba upon mission completion.

On arrival, Álvaro assumed the identity of a low-level Nine Lives gangster named J. J. and infiltrated Legba with 41982 as her personal Ultimates technician and PALADIN on silent mode.
They were introduced to Kyoshi Katsurou – a mysterious entity who desperately wanted to show Álvaro some scientific breakthroughs, and Omri Melech – a recent convert to Nine Lives who wanted to hire 41982 in defending the Bullock. They also discovered information about Roland Nazon, the man who took over Legba in AF 2.

Second Skin



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