Chase the FOX

Prelude: Mind the WMDs

introduction to the Prime Team

Firewall Team Alpha arrived on the Ecstatic Metamorphosis and were instructed to find a weapon dealer that was looking to sell a TITAN relic.
On finding the dealer, they identified her as Gray Xu – a notorious Night Cartel weapons broker. Firewall Team Alpha posed as buyers and identified the weapon as a TITAN nanoswarm device.
The Planetary Consortium interrupted the buy attempt and it resulted in the nanoswarm being released on Xu’s ship, the Annora Arabella. Gavin was killed at this point but the rest of the team managed to get out of the ship before one of the Ecstatic Metamorphosis’ escort ships destroyed the infected vessel.

Firewall egocasted the team to the city of Elysium, on Mars after discovering the location where Xu had found the TITAN weapons. The team traveled to Ebb 6 to find Night Cartel looters and a large TITAN cache of weapons, but unfortunately the Planetary Consortium interfered again and the team were forced to set off an antimatter bomb that obliterated the ruined habitat, the cache, and the rest of the Planetary Consortium grunts.



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