House Rules

Most of the rules found here will be in the Transhuman rulebook.

d10 + (Intuition + Reflexes)/5 (round up). Modifiers that might apply to initiative (such as wounds [-10] and mental speed implant [+30]) are now just divisible by 10. In the above example, a wound gives -1 to initiative and the mental speed implant gives +3.

Speed is only used to decrease Task Action time and determine which initiative group you’re a member of. Highest speed group always goes first.

Extra Actions
If you have extra actions in an Action Turn, these can only be used once. They are not counted for decreasing Task Action time when combined with a higher Speed.

Margin of Success/Failure
The Blackjack System: your margin of success is the number you rolled (assuming you passed the check). Your margin of failure is your number subtracted from 100 (assuming you failed the check).

This is now a Task Action (10 minutes) that you cannot take your time over, but you can rush. To hack any system/node you have access to, it’s a single Infosec roll, only contested if the node is being observed.
Difficulty is based off of what sort of access you want (user, security, admin), what type of node it is (peripheral, cyberbrain), and other related fields determined by the GM. Potential bonuses include having accessed this node before, simplicity of device, or using brute force methods (which locks you out after one action).

House Rules

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