Name Legba
Type Beehive
Purpose Mining
Faction Nine Lives : Roland Nazon
Population ??
Size ~3 km³
Location Main Belt
Gravity Varies, usually null G
Infosec ??

Legba is an unusual example of a mixed black and red market economy. Prices are from half to triple usual, with price being an indicator only of supply and demand, not of quality. Credits and cortical stacks are the coin of the realm.

For a station its size, Legba has only a tiny number of bars and restaurants. No one trusts food or drink prepared by anyone outside of their immediate crew. Gambling dens and bordellos are the main venues for public socializing. The clientele bring their own booze and drugs, with the house making its money off sex and games of chance.

Zombi is the docking bay: a 400m diameter, kilometre long cylinder carved into the centre of the asteroid.
Peristyle is where Nazon’s personal quarters are.
Psychopomp is where the egocasting facility would be located.


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